Board Diversity

The Board supports the recommendations of the Hampton Alexander Review on gender diversity and the Parker Review on ethnic diversity

The importance of gender diversity is recognised in the established commitment across Essentra to recruit, develop and promote people on merit at all levels across the operating businesses in all jurisdictions and without any form of discrimination.

The Board’s concern is to ensure that its composition reflects the broad range of skills, expertise and experience required to enable it to meet its responsibilities and satisfy the demands of its stakeholders. The Board is committed to appointing the best people to do the best job and in seeking to achieve that objective in conjunction with the benefits of gender diversity, the Board and Nomination Committee will ensure that should any vacancies arise on the Board, the executive search agents will include the strongest possible range of female candidates for consideration.

The Board has approved a Board Diversity Policy which sets out the approach to diversity and inclusion in respect of the Essentra plc Board.

Further details on Essentra’s corporate diversity will be published in the Company’s annual report.

Board Diversity Policy