Essentra employees

Essentra recognises that customers depend on suppliers providing a range of products and services that consistently and demonstrably meet their requirements. Essentra is committed to this objective through the application of quality systems and aims to exceed customer expectations through the everyday actions of employees.

Quality goals are never static – required standards are constantly being raised in response to customer and consumer demands, driven by the competitive nature of the marketplace. Essentra strives to rise to this challenge by continually improving the effectiveness of quality management systems, reviewing quality objectives regularly and modifying the approach, where appropriate.

Essentra's commitment to quality is underpinned by detailed manuals, procedures, measurements and training, and is communicated to all employees to ensure a depth of common understanding and consistency of application. In order to meet the shared objective of enhancing customer satisfaction, Essentra actively seeks input from customers and suppliers together with encouraging teamwork, enthusiasm and participation from everyone within the Group.

Essentra ensures that the necessary resources are available to implement this policy and reviews it periodically for suitability.