At Essentra we actively manage a range of key stakeholder relationships, including those with investors, suppliers, customers, governments and regulators as well as employees. We recognise that our success and sustainability depend on their input and involvement.

How we engage

  • AGM
  • Full year and half year presentations and capital market events
  • One-on-one meetings with the Chair, Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Independent Director and RemCo Chair
  • Procurement teams run a supplier development programme with all key suppliers and we are looking to digitalise this moving forward
  • Supplier Code of Conduct and Modern Slavery Statement are shared with all key and new suppliers
  • Local teams manage relationships with our broad range of customers globally
  • More formal and regular feedback gathered through NPS surveys
Governments & regulators
  • Engagement undertaken in various ways across our global operations
  • As a UK listed company, the Board and Group Executive Committee manage many of these relationships while our global teams engage local governments as necessary
  • Employee survey
  • Regular town halls – virtual and face-to-face in sites with local management
  • Global leadership team meetings
  • Three Board Employee Champions, meeting requirements of the 2018 Corporate Governance Code