Essentra's strong competitive position in the various international markets within which it operates has been developed through a combination of organic growth and acquisition activity.

Since it began manufacturing filters in Jarrow back in the late 1940s, the Company has made significant investment in new global production and service capabilities in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the US ensuring that Essentra is better able to supply its multi-national customers and target growth from developing economies.

A chronology of major events in the history of Essentra is set out below:

  • Bits and bobs
    • December
      Acquisition of Micro Plastics, based in Arkansas, US, a leading manufacturer and distributor of nylon fasteners and other plastic components for a wide range of industrial end-markets - including general industrial, automotives and white goods.
  • Stacked white blocks
    • August
      Agreement to divest Porous Technologies business for £220m, a leading developer and manufacturer of custom vapour- and fluid-handling components engineered from three material technologies: bonded and non-woven fibre, polyurethane foam and porous plastic.
  • Packaging
    • November
      Agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of Clondalkin Specialist Packaging Division for US$455m, a leading global provider of a broad suite of specialist secondary packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and health & personal care industries.
    • September
      Agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of the major operating subsidiaries of Abric Berhad, based in Malaysia, a global leading manufacturer and distributor of security sealing products and solutions for use in a diverse range of growing end-markets.
    • April
      Acquisition of Kelvindale Products Pty Ltd, based in Australia, a leading manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of plastic protection and finishing products.
  • Metal hardware
    • December
      Acquisition of Mesan Kilit A.S., the leading Turkish manufacturer and distributor of a range of locks, hinges, latches and hardware accessories for use in a wide variety of attractive growth end-markets.
    • December
      Strategic expansion of activities in India, with the formal opening of a new purpose-built, standalone facility in Bangalore with the capacity to accommodate manufacturing, warehousing and the appropriate commercial infrastructure for all Essentra's businesses (excluding the JV in Filter Products).
    • November
      Acquisition of Dakota Packaging Limited, a well-positioned supplier of printed, folding and litho-laminate cartons to the pharmaceutical and healthcare end-markets in Ireland.
    • June
      Filtrona plc announces that it will rebrand as Essentra plc with effect from 26 June.
    • March
      Agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of Contego Healthcare Limited for £160m, a leading pan-European specialist business providing a range of innovative print, packaging and support services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets from operational sites across Europe.
    • February
      The formation of a joint venture with BBM Bommidala Group ("BBM") in the United Arab Emirates, to manufacture filters.
    • February
      Acquisition of Ulinco Components AB, based in Sweden, a leading distributor of plastic protection and finishing products, hardware and specialist masking solutions in the Nordic region.
  • Wipes
    • June
      Acquisition of Lymtech Scientific, based in Westover, Massachusetts, a manufacturer and distributor of porous speciality wiping materials used within the clean environments increasingly required by the medical, life science, electronic and industrial markets.
    • April
      Acquisition of Jae Yong Co.Ltd, based in South Korea, a globally recognised manufacturer of reservoirs, nibs, and tubes for the writing instruments industry.
    • February
      Acquisition of Securit World Ltd, based in the UK, a distributor of desktop personal identification ("ID") card systems, providing printers, software and associated accessories across a wide range of growing end-markets, including Trade Distribution, Education, Government, Health and General Industry.
  • Components
    • December
      Acquisition of Richco, Inc, based in Chicago, a leading international designer, manufacturer and distributor of engineered plastic and elastomeric solutions for fastening and cable management applications.
    • August
      Acquisition of Reid Supply, based in Muskegon, Michigan, a leading distributor of standard industrial components to a vast range of markets and customers via catalogues.
  • Specialty tape
    • November
      Acquisition of Stera Tape, based in Bridlington, a manufacturer of high quality speciality adhesive tapes
    • March
      Acquisition of BP Labels, based in Cardiff, a manufacturer of high quality, creative and secure self adhesive labels.
  • Extrusion
    • March
      Disposal of Filtrona's North American Plastic Profile and Sheet business
  • Foam
    • October
      Acquisition of Lendell Inc Manufacturing based in Michigan, a producer of speciality hydrophilic foam products, following the acquisition Filtrona Fibertec changed its name to Filtrona Porous Technologies
  • Consumer packaging
    • June
      Disposal of Globalpack its Brazilian consumer packaging business
    • May
      Acquisition of Duraco Inc, based in Chicago, a leading provider of adhesive coated products to many industries
  • Filter
    • June
      Filtrona demerged from Bunzl plc and became a separately listed company on the London Stock Exchange
  • Components
    • Acquisition of the Skiffy Group, based in the Netherlands, which provides expertise in the manufacture and supply of small nylon parts for protection and finishing applications
  • Writing instruments
    • Acquisition of Baumgartner Fibertec, a Swiss based business engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of cigarette filters and writing instrument reservoirs
  • containers
    • Acquisition of Davidson Plastics, a profile extrusion operation located in Washington State and Pexco, a specialist medical tubing extruder located in Massachusetts. Expansion of MSI into the Latin American market by opening a manufacturing facility in Veracruz
  • Extrusions
    • Acquisition of Enitor, a leading Dutch extruder
  • Filter
    • Acquisition of American Filtrona Corporation which delivered significant extra filter and bonded fibre technology and an extrusion business
  • Tear tape
    • Acquisition of Payne and entry into the self-adhesive tear tape market
  • Pipe protection
    • Acquisition of MSI Oilfields Products a market leader in OCTG thread protectors and pipe protection products
  • Components
    • Formation of Moss Plastic Parts, Moss manufactures and distributes protection and finishing products for a wide range of industries and applications
  • Plastic products
    • Filtrona Corporation was formed in the United States
  • Filters
    • The Austrian business Bunzl commenced its manufacturing operations in Jarrow, United Kingdom