Our culture

At Essentra we believe that anything is possible. A job at Essentra is a career made and shaped by you, and we provide a stimulating work environment to make this possible. We want people to make a difference and we give you the opportunity to make that difference.

If you're looking for inspiring and interesting work, and fantastic career opportunities, then Essentra is for you.

Our essential enablers

The success of our business depends on our most essential components – our people. And because our people are our future we offer an inclusive work environment for everyone to thrive, development opportunities and recognition of success, no matter how big or small.

As a team of driven, ambitious people, we have a relentless focus on getting the job done, and applying the ingenuity and expertise to get it done right. 

What we offer

  • A performance driven culture focused on delivery, and customer excellence
  • An encouraging and open work environment, guided by a strong vision and values
  • Commitment to your personal and professional development
  • The opportunity to make a difference across the globe, while working in or leading teams of talented, committed people across divisions and geographies

Always learning

We are always striving to be better, and our people are too. No matter what stage on the career path you are, we always seek to find a way to help you broaden your horizons, rise to new challenges and develop new skills.

We offer formal training courses to build skills and competencies, but we also go beyond this, encouraging you to think more broadly about your personal development inside and outside the workplace. For us, it’s not just a tick box exercise, it’s a mind-set and an integral part of our culture.  

Be valued and included

Our people all share one thing in common: a belief that we are stronger than the sum of our parts. Our high performance culture and collaborative teams means that we pull together to promote an inclusive work environment for all our people. It’s a belief that regardless of culture, education or geographic background we all have something to contribute and it’s this contribution that makes for a great organisation and a fulfilling career.

Essentra plc is an equal opportunities recruiter with a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and unfair practices in the workplace.