Creating value for our stakeholders

Essentra is built on diversity. Of parts, products and services. Of customers, partners and markets. Of people, perspectives and ideas.

Our customers

We put our customers first, partnering with them and delivering On Time and In Full(“OTIF”).

OTIF for 2019(%)

1 94.3
2 96.6
3 98.5
  1. Components
  2. Packaging
  3. Filters

Our people

We prioritise safety, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where our people feel respected with space to learn and grow.

Employee engagement


(2018: 75%)

Our suppliers

We partner with a range of suppliers so that we can provide our customers with a range of products across each of our divisions.

Our communities

We get behind local good causes while minimising our environmental impact on the wider world around us.

Reduction in waste to landfill


(2019 vs 2018)

Our shareholders

We deliver shareholder value through the strength of our balance sheet, customer relationships and market positions.

Return on invested capital(%)

2019 9.3
2018 9.6
2017 8.6

Governments and regulators

Wherever we operate we are committed to conducting business in line with the appropriate laws and regulations.