Our Customers


This pillar focuses on supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. As the only global manufacturer and distributor of our kind, we are in a leading position to assist customers by providing products and services that have been developed to provide a hassle free sustainable choice.

Our focus and targets

  • Increasing the number of products introduced with sustainability credentials 

Our progress

  • 29 trials completed for new products using recycled materials in 2022
Our purpose is to help customers build a sustainable future and therefore working with them on their approach to sustainability is a key area of activity. We are committed to continuing to invest in developing new products with improved sustainability performance and lower lifecycle emissions, and providing our customers with expert advice on the most sustainable choice for their needs.

In 2022 several trials were conducted with the view to increase our recycled content from 50% to 100% across our standard ranges of LDPE parts. These trials were largely successful and we now run most standard LDPE parts at 98%-100% recycled content. We also conducted trials on our nylon products using recycled material and in 2023 will progress these trials.

We are currently in discussions to support circular economy models with targeted customers, and increasing our commercial focus on ESG supportive categories such as renewable energy and electrification, to support customers’ net zero transition.

You can read more in our 2022 Annual Report here