Right to Speak Policy

Essentra plc, together with its affiliates and subsidiaries (together or individually ‘Essentra’ or ‘the Company’), is committed to doing business the right way, to continually earn the trust of customers, other stakeholders and the wider marketplace. In accordance with the Essentra Ethics Code, the Board of Directors and Group Executive Committee expect all employees - and anyone carrying out work on behalf of the Company - to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and personal behaviour at all times, and to act safely, honestly, responsibly, lawfully and with integrity.

In support of this commitment, and consistent with its core values, Essentra seeks to maintain a culture of openness and accountability, so that prompt action can be taken to address any illegal or unethical conduct involving Essentra or anyone working for or on behalf of the Company. Essentra does not tolerate attitudes or activities that amount to a breach of law or trust, or otherwise fall below the highest standards of business conduct and personal behaviour.


Essentra Right to Speak Policy