Competition Compliance Policy

Competition law infringement is a serious risk for every business. A breach of competition law can lead to fines of up to 10% of Essentra’s worldwide turnover and individuals can be personally criminally liable.

Compliance commitment

Essentra plc is committed to ensuring that all of its international activities are conducted in accordance with all applicable competition law requirements.

Essentra is committed to ensuring that its employees are aware of competition law requirements and that they are equipped as appropriate to comply with them during the course of their employment.

Responsibility for compliance

It is the responsibility of Essentra employees to ensure that none of Essentra's businesses engage in anti-competitive practices.

Any Essentra employee engaging in anti-competitive practices may be subject to disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal and may face personal criminal liability.

It is the responsibility of all Essentra employees to ensure that they report any infringement or suspected infringement of competition laws involving Essentra to their Line Manager or otherwise in accordance with the Essentra 'Right to Speak' Policy.

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