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Results For The Full Year Ended 31 December 2016

17 February 2017


FY 2016 summary:

  • Revenue, profit and EPS decline, driven by deterioration in Health & Personal Care Packaging and short-term issues in Filter Products.
    • Total revenue decline of 9% on a like-for-like1 basis.
    • Total adjusted operating profit2 down 29% (at constant FX) to £132m.
    • Total adjusted EPS2 lower by 31% (at constant FX) to 36.3p.
  • Impairment in the carrying value of Health & Personal Care Packaging of £124m.
  • Net debt of £379m (FY 2015: £374m); improved H2 operating cash conversion.
  • Full year dividend unchanged at 20.7p per share.
  • Disposal of Porous Technologies on track to complete in Q1 2017: pro forma impact reduces net debt to EBITDA3 from 2.2x to 1.4x as at 31 December 2016.
  • Turnaround programme already initiated, focusing on re-establishing stability and accountability.
  • Comprehensive business review underway: clear corporate strategy to restore growth to be communicated with HY 2017 results at end-July.

Results at a glance:

Results for year ended 31 December 2016

  FY 2016
FY 2015
% change
Actual FX
% change
Constant FX

1 Excludes the impact of acquisitions, disposals and foreign exchange
2 Before intangible amortisation and exceptional operating items
3 Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation
4 Excluding Porous Technologies, in light of the divestment of the business during Q1 2017
5 Net income is defined as profit after tax

– total 1,104 1,098 +1 -8
continuing4 999 1,007 -1 -9
Adjusted2 operating profit
– total 132 172 -23 -29
continuing4 109 153 -29 -35
Adjusted2 pre-tax profit – total 119 161 -26 -32
Adjusted2 net income5 – total 96 124 -23 -31
Adjusted2 basic earnings per share
– total 36.3p 47.6p -24 -31
continuing4 29.2p 42.1p -31 -37
Dividend per share 20.7p 20.7p -  
Reported operating (loss) / profit - continuing4 (50) 84    
Reported pre-tax (loss) / profit – continuing4 (63) 74    
Reported net (loss) / income5 – total (40) 69    
Reported basic (loss) / earnings per share – total (15.4)p 26.2p    

Commenting on today's results, Paul Lester, Chairman, said:

"FY 2016 has been a year of challenge and change for our Company. In particular, the integration issues primarily relating to the Clondalkin acquisition in Health & Personal Care Packaging – as highlighted in the trading updates - not only resulted in additional cost but also in an accelerating decline in the underlying trading position at the impacted sites. Notwithstanding these challenges, however, the Board is recommending to hold the final dividend unchanged.
Essentra remains a fundamentally strong organisation, and I and my Board colleagues look forward to working with our new Chief Executive, Paul Forman, as we drive our collective objectives of delivering sustainable, long-term shareholder value, excellent customer service and a motivated and engaged workforce." .

Paul Forman, Chief Executive, additionally stated:

"Essentra is a complex international group and it is still early in my tenure. However, since my appointment at the beginning of January, I have already visited many sites and met with many excellent colleagues, and – while there is much to do – I firmly believe that the fundamental strengths exist across all our businesses which we can build upon. As such, based on my initial assessment, the issues which have evidently impacted FY 2016 are predominantly self-inflicted, and therefore capable of reversal. The necessary process of stabilising the business will be facilitated by a strengthening of the balance sheet following the imminent divestment of Porous Technologies, and a restructuring of the organisation – together with a measured recruitment of talent – is already underway. I look forward to presenting our future corporate strategy alongside the HY 2017 results at end-July.

Outlook statement

In terms of current year outlook, while Component Solutions and Filtration Products enter 2017 on a more stable footing, the Health & Personal Care Packaging business is receiving specific short-term focus and remedial action, in light of the continued significant decline in revenue and operating profit during the last months of 2016 and at the start of 2017 – with a deteriorating exit rate which needs to be stabilised. We therefore currently anticipate a reduction in Group like-for-like revenue and adjusted operating profit in FY 2017."