Our Communities


We work with our suppliers, local communities and wider family to ensure our values, ethical practices and processes provide equitable outcomes, as well as volunteering our time supporting good causes.

Developing an ethical supply chain

Our targets
Our Supplier Code of Conduct (”Supplier Code”) refreshed and launched in 2023 to all suppliers over a material spend threshold.
70% of suppliers by spend actively risk monitored.

Our progress
Our new Supplier Code has launched and is available here
75% of suppliers by spend actively risk monitored – all suppliers over a material threshold spend.

We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible and ethical manner. We recognise that our suppliers play a crucial role in our value chain and share in our commitment to upholding high standards of integrity, sustainability, and social responsibility. We have over 1,500 raw material and goods for resale suppliers who provide over 50,000 products, our supply chain is a core component of our business. We recognise that local laws and regulations may differ across the regions in which we operate. However, our universal Supplier Code framework guides our suppliers’ behaviour and encourage best practices, irrespective of legal requirements. We expect our suppliers to not only comply with applicable laws but also embrace these principles and work towards continuous improvement.

Supporting good causes

Our targets
Community engagement days taken by 25% of employees.

Our Progress
13% of employees took a community engagement day in 2023.

We engage with our local communities to create a positive impact through initiatives that positively impact those in need, improving their lives, the community and the local economy. We relaunched our Community Engagement Policy in 2023 during our Sustainability Week in April, increasing visibility of the option that every employee has to receive one days paid leave each year to volunteer, and providing guidance to all of our employees on how they could spend their time. In 2023, a total of 2,852 hours of volunteering were recorded by 405 employees, which is 13% of employees. As this is the first year we are recording volunteering, we recognise there is further engagement needed to encourage employees to volunteer and record their time, and this will be a focus area for 2024.