Our Communities


We work with our suppliers, local communities and wider family to ensure our values, ethical practices and processes provide equitable outcomes, as well as volunteering our time supporting good causes.

Our focus and targets

  • Our supplier code of conduct refreshed and launched in 2023 to all suppliers over £100k 
  • Top 70% of suppliers by spend actively risk monitored 
  • Community Engagement Policy in action with a volunteer day taken

Our progress

  • Code of conduct refresh on track for 2023 
  • All suppliers over L250k actively risk monitored 
  • Community engagement activities carried out at seven Components sites in 2022

Building an ethical supply chain

We collaborate with our key international suppliers as well as partner with a high volume of SMEs worldwide. These relationships are built on shared values and are often long-lasting in nature. All are fundamental to the quality of our products and the high standards we set ourselves.

To ensure we work with suppliers who share our approach to responsible business, we conduct risk-based due diligence not only when onboarding our partners but through ongoing monitoring and management via our supplier development programme.

In 2023 we will enhance and further digitalise our supplier development programme and publicise a refreshed global procurement policy which will set out our supplier code of conduct in relation to matters such as anti-corruption, human rights, anti-slavery, international trade compliance, environment and allow us to deliver further transparency across our supply chain.

During 2022, we undertook supplier development activities covering five areas: ethics, sustainability, risk, performance and commercial.

We will continue to develop our methodology, supply base coverage and activities in 2023.

Supporting good causes

We engage with our local communities to create a positive impact through initiatives that positively impact those in need, improving their lives, the community and the local economy.

In February 2022 we supported the humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine with fund raising and other events happening across our businesses. We also made a donation of £100k to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Appeal.

In early 2023 we similarly supported efforts in response to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, donating €100k to the DEC Turkey-Syria earthquake appeal.

You can read more in our 2022 Annual Report here