Essentra is guided by the aim of delivering a competitive and fair employment environment and of providing the opportunity for employees to develop and advance subject to personal performance and business objectives.

Throughout its worldwide operations Essentra supports human rights as set down by the UN Declaration and its applicable International Labour Organisation conventions. Recruitment procedures avoid the employment of under-age staff.

Equal employment opportunity

Essentra is committed to offering equal opportunities to all people without discrimination as to race, sex, nationality, ethnic or national origin, language, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or disability. The Company does not tolerate harassment in the workplace in any form and remunerates fairly with respect to skills, performance, competitors and local market conditions.

All personnel are expected to comply with the policy and any breach is likely to lead to disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

Recruitment and development

Essentra aims to appoint the best person for the job. All appointments should be based on individual performance and job based criteria. It is Essentra's policy to encourage employees to develop and manage their own careers. It facilitates this by providing appropriate job training, and where appropriate, aiming to fill vacancies with existing staff where employees are suitably qualified and experienced.


Essentra aims to attract, motivate and retain high calibre staff by rewarding them with competitive salary and benefit packages which are linked both to individual and business performance as well as the external employment market.


Essentra’s policy is to communicate with employees to ensure understanding of the businesses and the impact business decisions have on employees and to obtain feedback and ideas of employees to improve the operation of the business.


Essentra’s approach to managing restructuring is characterised by detailed planning, involvement of those affected as appropriate and, where job losses are unavoidable, seeking alternative opportunities to minimise the personal impact as far as possible. Individual companies operate their own redundancy policies to ensure that they comply with all local legal requirements.


The policy statement applies to every business within Essentra.


The Chief Executive is the sponsor of Essentra’s Human Resources Policies. The Group Human Resources Director reports to him on specific human resources issues and monitors the implementation of the policies. Each Division is responsible for the development of local policies and procedures in order to ensure that the objectives of this policy are fulfilled.

Diversity and inclusion

At Essentra, we are committed to building an inclusive culture, where diversity is embraced by everyone, making Essentra a rewarding and successful place to work.

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