Essentra believes in careful stewardship of the environment in which it operates and that all environmental accidents are preventable - we should have no significant adverse impact to the local environment and are committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance. This commitment extends to requiring our supply chain and others working on our behalf to operate in a similarly responsible manner and includes improving energy performance across the Essentra group.

Essentra operates a tiered approach to environmental management designed to meet and support the requirements of the current Essentra Group HS&E Strategy and this policy:

Tier 1: Group / Tier 2: Regional / Tier 3: Country / Tier 4: Site

Essentra is committed to:

  • Continually improving the environmental (including energy) management system and performance. 
  • Preventing pollution and reducing environmental impact by controlling emissions, discharges and disposals and by the use of appropriate processes, materials and practices. 
  • Using environmentally safe, sustainable and recyclable resources wherever possible, and financially viable, with minimum waste and efficient use of energy. 
  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of environmental (including energy) legislation and the requirements of other (e.g. stakeholder or customer) compliance and reporting obligations.
  • Actively engaging with customers, employees and suppliers to exploit opportunities offered by new technologies and improved process operations to further reduce environmental impact.

As such:

  • Each region is required to develop a regional environmental policy and management system that supports the requirements of this policy and its supporting policies, processes and guidance.
  • All sites are required to have a designated point of contact for the co-ordination of environmental safety activities and ensuring compliance with the tiered environmental management system. Each site will ensure they have access to competent environmental specialists commensurate to the site’s environmental aspects and impacts.
  • All sites are required to understand and meet or exceed the local legal requirements and comply with the requirements of the higher tier management systems.
  • All employees will be provided with appropriate education and training in the requirements of the environmental management system and their roles within it.
  • All employees are expected to co-operate and actively participate in ensuring environmental compliance and the improvement of environmental management and performance.
  • All areas of the business will regularly report on their environmental performance in accordance with the Group mandated reporting tools and arrangements.
  • Annual environmental reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with best practices and relevant laws and regulations shall be carried out at Group, Region and Site level.

The Essentra Group, each region and each site will establish environmental objectives and maintain appropriate plans designed to sustain and improve upon environmental management and performance.  As part of these, the Essentra Group and each region will establish energy performance improvement objectives and plans – these will also be established at site level where required to support the Group and Regional objectives. Environmental projects and initiatives shall receive at least equal priority with other operational, manufacturing and quality related projects and be included, as appropriate, in business strategic planning and annual budgeting process.


The Chief Executive, supported by the Group Human Resources Director, is responsible for the Essentra Group environmental programme. The Regional Managing Directors/Presidents, supported by the Regional Operations Directors/VPs, are responsible for the Essentra Regional environmental programmes. These responsibilities include ensuring sufficient resources are made available to deliver the strategy, policy commitments and associated environmental programmes.

This policy will be displayed at all Essentra locations and made available to interested parties on the company website and on request. It will be reviewed at least annually to ensure it remains consistent with the Essentra Group environmental strategy, legislation and Essentra organisational changes. When appropriate it will be updated and re-issued to the business.