Health & Safety

Our commitment:

  • Nobody involved with Essentra’s operations should suffer injury or harm
  • Careful stewardship of the environment is a duty we owe to our neighbours and to future generations
  • To achieve and maintain the highest standards of occupational health, safety and environmental (HSE) protection

This commitment extends to our employees, temporary workers, contractors, customers, visitors and members of the public. It also extends to our supply chain and organisations working on our behalf. We actively encourage our suppliers to operate in a similarly responsible manner.

In order to deliver on this commitment, Essentra will:-

  • Make Health & Safety our highest value at all management meetings.
  • Ensure that all operations, as a minimum, abide by national and local laws.
  • Continuously improve occupational Health and Safety in the workplace, especially where compliance alone falls short of the standards demanded by the Group Management Committee (GMC).
  • Encourage and facilitate employee participation in Health and Safety management, to contribute to the high standards we have set ourselves.
  • Take STEPS to reduce the number of accidents and incidents, with the goal of achieving zero harm – safety investigations and lessons learned will be shared throughout the organisation to prevent recurrence of incidents.
  • Continuously improve and monitor our environmental performance, including preventing pollution and minimising emissions, discharges & disposals, reducing waste & specific energy consumption and where possible, conserving and recycling scare resources.
  • Actively engage with stakeholders to explore new opportunities to improve the HSE performance of our production processes and operations.

The Chief Executive, supported by GMC and Group HSE, are responsible for this policy.  Divisional Managing Directors are responsible for Divisional programmes to fulfil the requirements of this policy.  Additionally, Essentra expects its employees to participate fully in delivering on the objectives of this policy:

  • All employees are expected to co-operate and participate actively in the improvement of HSE standards.
  • All employees are required to ensure that colleagues, contractors and visitors abide by the relevant local policies intended to foster improved Health and Safety.
  • All Essentra managers and supervisors shall strive to ensure healthy and safe working conditions within their sphere of influence

This policy was approved by GMC in June 2020.  It will be published on the company website, displayed at all Essentra locations and made freely available to all stakeholders.  It will be reviewed annually.







Paul Forman

Chief Executive