Essentra Packaging is a global manufacturer of cartons, leaflets and labels specialising in the Healthcare and Beauty markets.


Geographically we are part of a global Group, and we as a division have 25 manufacturing locations across Europe, America and India. This allows us to invest our resources to develop an understanding of both the customer and product needs within those markets.

Our teams continue to work closely with our customers, managing changes in demand for specific products, fast-track product launch support, and increased need for authentication, track and trace and patient adherence product features. And we have dedicated teams of experts working on improving production line efficiencies and product innovations for our health and personal care customers.

We have an important role within the pharmaceutical supply chain, working together with our partners in manufacturing secondary packaging for vital, often life-saving medication for patients. and our focus market sectors Healthcare and Beauty remain strong due to a growing, more affluent and ageing population, driving both increased volume and more segmented products.

Essentra are secondary packaging manufacturers, specialising in the Pharmaceutical and Beauty industry.

Essentra Packaging offers deep market understanding gained through years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Beauty industries. We work closely with our customers to provide bespoke, ground-breaking solutions for your packaging and security needs.

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